Lead Generation

Quotini specialises in lead generation. We work with customers to maximise opportunities and generate leads that then convert to sales.

The methods we use vary depending on your business but typically involves a mix of email marketing, social media and advertising to drive the target audience to a lead capture or 'squeeze page' with a great call to action.

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There are many ways to capture leads. Here's an example of some methods we have used in the past:

  • Use online Ads (and social media) to promote a free whitepaper available on a landing page. The page captures a name and contact details so that opportunities can be managed by sales.
  • Provide great content on social including to third party sites where you can overlay a banner with your call to action to generate leads (ask us how!)
  • Use a 'welcome mat' or pop up to first time visitors on your site offering something of value when they enter their contact details
  • Send out an email marketing campaign with further email triggers based on what readers click through to. If a reader clicks through to your site to find out about product A for example then an email with offers related to product A will be sent at a later date

If you are using online marketing, whether that's just a website or social media and email but don't know how to get more leads, get in touch and we will help you out.

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