Quotini Rebrand

We have re-branded!

Exciting news. After 6 years using the Quotini brand we have decided to re-brand our marketing services to… (drum roll) Think Twice Marketing. Effective 1st May 2017.

Think Twice Marketing is all about challenging the way you do your marketing. What you have been told by traditional marketers and marketing wannabe’s might not be the right way to get results in your business.

Think Twice Marketing offers exclusive membership for anyone really wanting to focus on improving business results. We will also offer a full range of training courses which are available on our Think Twice Marketing Courses training portal.

It was a tough decision re-branding but we felt this better reflected our values and the increasing complexity of marketing today. Visit the new Think Twice Marketing website to find out more!

Note: The same team of experts and high level of support remains the same but the types of services have expanded to help busy business owners and marketers to be more successful.

For better marketing result visit the new Think Twice Marketing website now!